Carrer Opportunities

For CSC Eligibles and Graduates of the following courses: Accountancy | Financial Management | Information Technology | Psychology |Communication Arts | Management | Bachelor of Laws | Economics | Engineering (CE, ME, EE, Sanitary & Environment) Please print and fill-out the LWUA Application Form (download here) and submit IN PERSON to: Ms. Yza Lopez or Ms. Gijie Desiderio The Personnel Division / HRMD Ground Floor, LWUA Building Katipunan Avenue, Balara, Quezon City NOTE: Submissions will only continue reading : Carrer Opportunities


Projects for Bidding Notices of Award How to secure accreditation Accredited Manufacturers Accredited Suppliers Application for Accreditation Allowable Procurement Time


LWUA Clearance for Contracting Loans Outside of LWUA Reminder on the Submission of LWUA Reportorial Requirements All RWSAs required to submit Registration Documents to LWUA WDs directed to submit information on all disciplinary actions against GMs and BODs LWUA issues Memorandum on World Water Day 2018 celebration and activities Water Districts (WDs) and Rural Waterworks continue reading : WATER DISTRICTS MUST READ

How is a Water District formed?

A duly-organized water district is formed through the following process: One: LWUA conducts preliminary talks and consultations with interested local government entities. Two: The local government conducts public hearings to arrive at a consensus on whether to form a water district or not. (LWUA Board Resolution No. 147, Series of 2009, amended the Guidelines for the Formation continue reading : How is a Water District formed?

As a lending source, what makes LWUA advantageous over other sources?

LWUA is the only lending institution – whether in the public or private sector — with the financial, technical and institutional development competence to enable a water district’s water supply project to generate return-on-investments. LWUA treats countryside water supply development not simply as a financial venture, nor as a mere waterworks construction project, but as continue reading : As a lending source, what makes LWUA advantageous over other sources?