Republic of the Philippines
Emergency Assistance for the Reconstruction and Recovery of Marawi Project

Output 3:
Restoring Water Utilities and Health Infrastructure

Implementing Agency for the Water Supply Component:
Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA)

Project Description


  1. The Government of the Philippines has requested ADB to provide emergency assistance combining a $400 million Emergency Assistance Loan (EAL) and $8 million in grants to support the reconstruction of Marawi. The Emergency Assistance for the Reconstruction and Recovery of Marawi Project (ERRM) is structured to provide the Government of the Philippines (government) with immediate and flexible financing to implement programs, projects and activities (PPAs) included in the Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Program (BMCRRP), as may be updated from time to time.1 The ERRM comprises of four outputs: (i) fiscal support; (ii) reestablishing connectivity in Marawi by building back better public infrastructure; (iii) restoring water utilities and health infrastructure; and (iv) improving social services and livelihoods to affected persons.
  2. Output 3 of the ERRM will be financed by a $5 million allotment under the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF). It will include a water supply component and a health component.  These two sectors has been identified as critical components for the recovery of the city.  Hence, UCCRTF as a multi-donor trust fund created to enhance resilience, particularly of the poor and vulnerable, is directing its support towards the provision of these key urban services
  3. For the water component, the output will finance reconstruction and rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure in area of the existing water supply system, comprising 19 barangays (villages) currently served by Marawi City Water District (MCWD) and develop a comprehensive water supply, septage/sewerage and drainage master plan for the city. The new infrastructure will improve 24-hour supply of water with a minimum pressure of 10 psi. The grant will build on the study conducted by Maynilad with support from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which was completed in August 2018. The master plan shall be informed by consultations held with the local communities, ensuring participation of women and marginalized groups. The water supply component supports items 118 and 119 in the physical infrastructure PPAs under the BMCRRP.
  4. As a UCCRTF grant, the design of the proposed interventions have to embed climate change and disaster resilience and must demonstrate transformative elements (i.e. building back better). The grant will also provide institutional and operational support related to the above activities.
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