Acting administrator of the Local Water Utilities Administration  LWUA), Jeci A. Lapus has asked water districts nationwide to submit an updated five-year business plan  pursuant to the agency’s mandate for  the promotion, development and financing of local water utilities in the countryside.


The plan shall serve as the basis for the assessment and prioritization of LWUA’s investment and development programs as well as performance monitoring of every water district in the country.

Lapus also encouraged all water district managers to maximize their assets and funds and to look for other ways and means to improve their financial standings.


Lapus added that to improve the credit worthiness of water districts, managers must work double time in their service and collection to be able to pay outstanding loans. New loans, however, are available at LWUA that the water districts may avail for funding of old and new projects.

Meantime, Lapus reminds water districts to submit also their water safety plans for their water supply systems not later than August 4, 2018 as amended.  This shall become part of the institutional requirements that LWUA will be needing to form part of the components in evaluating water district performance.


Lapus, as the new LWUA chief  vowed to institute more aggressive action plans in improving water services in the whole country by efficient and effective organizational and management systems.