As an integral part of the National Government, LWUA is inherently mandated to be socially responsible, to act and operate as a good corporate citizen. The Governing Board shall recognize and perform the obligations LWUA has towards the National Government, its majority stakeholder, as well as other stakeholders, and the communities in which it operates.

The Trustees, Officers and all its employees are required to abide by ethical policies as mandated by the GCG. The protection of the reputation and the goodwill of LWUA is of fundamental importance, and Trustee, Officers and employees should be aware of the disciplinary implications of breaches of policy.

Protection of Stakeholders’ Rights. LWUA shall establish mechanisms and procedures to protect stakeholder rights. Recognizing the vital contribution of its stakeholders, LWUA shall ensure that stakeholders have access to relevant, sufficient and reliable information on a timely and regular basis to be able to exercise their rights. Stakeholders should have access to legal redress in the event their rights are violated.

Development, Implementation of Compliance Programs for Internal Codes of Ethics. The Board shall apply high ethical standards in the organization with checks and balances that will ensure LWUA is protected from deviation from these standards in the course of the interaction of business considerations with political and public policy ones.

LWUA shall develop an internal code of ethics that would give clear and detailed guidance as to the expected conduct of all employees and disciplinary measures for non-compliance therewith. The internal code of ethics should include guidance on procurement processes, as well as develop specific mechanisms protecting encouraging stakeholders, and particularly employees, to report on illegal or unethical conduct by corporate officers. It is considered as a good practice for these codes to be developed in a participatory way in order to involve all the employees and stakeholders concerned. These codes should also be fully supported and implemented by Management.

Health and Safety. LWUA should aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, outside contractors and visitors. LWUA should comply with all relevant local legislation or regulations, and best practice guidelines recommended by national health and safety authorities. The staff should be informed regarding the policies and practices of LWUA in order to maintain a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment.

Environment. LWUA should consider that there are inevitable environmental impacts associated with daily operations. It shall be the goal of LWUA to minimize harmful effects and consider the development and implementation of environmental standards to achieve this to be of great importance. As such, LWUA should strongly encourage 3 Rs: “Reduce,” “Reuse,” and “Recycle.”

In the course of the operations of LWUA it should identify opportunities to reduce consumption of energy, water and other natural resources. LWUA should also strive to re-use and recycle where possible and dispose of non-recyclable items responsibly, thereby minimizing our impact on the environment. In doing so, by adopting simple, environmentally friendly initiatives, the LWUA shall raise awareness among the members of the communities it affects.