Atty. Revil’s knowledge of the law propelled him toward joining public service. His political career started when he was elected as a Board Member of the Province of Masbate in 2001 and was re-elected as the Senior Board Member in 2004. After which, he was elected thrice as the Vice Governor with a massive lead in 2007 elections, 2010 elections, and 2013 elections.  In his last term, he assumed the post as the Governor and continuously served the Masbate constituents from 2015 to 2016. As a public servant, he has been the epitome of excellence in leadership in the country, evidenced by his Outstanding Local Legislator Award in 2013, Outstanding Governor Award, and Outstanding Public Servant – People’s Choice Awards in 2016. 

Born and raised in the Province of Masbate, Vince Revil, as friends call him, developed a strong connection to the countryside and the Masbateño constituents. He proudly embraces his roots as a product of public schools of Jose Zurbito Sr. Elementary School (JZSES) and St. Anthony High School Seminary throughout his formative years. His down-to-earth nature, grounded perspective, and deep-rooted connection to the province’s rural communities have earned him the trust and respect of his people, allowing him to truly understand the hopes, aspirations, and concerns of his people.

As Atty. Revil pursued higher education, he then went to study at the University of Santo Tomas and graduated with a degree of B.S. Business Administration in 1992. In 1995, he immediately obtained his Post-Graduate diploma in Management with Honors from Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne. He pursued to study law at Ateneo de Manila University and obtained his Juris Doctor Degree in 2001. He immediately took the Bar exams in the same year and was inducted in the Roll of Attorneys in 2002.

Atty. Revil continued to bolster his academic excellence in a variety of capacities both within and outside the Philippines. In 2013, he received his Diploma in Local Governance and Development from the Development Academy of the Philippines. The following year, he took his Executive Program in Legislative Management for Vice Governors in Asian Institute of Management. He simultaneously pursued his Driving Government Performance alongside Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies from Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government in 2016. It is worthy to note that in 2010, he also qualified and completed the US State Department’s International Leadership Program. In 2017, he took Urban and Regional Planning and Driving Excellence in Governance from Erasmus University and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of Singapore respectively. Certainly, his long record of academic prowess is a testament to his unquestionable competence and integrity in the field of law, public governance, and business. 

As an advocate for the environment and rural development, Atty. Revil lobbied for green growth and sustainability, as he personally championed the Amendment of the Environmental Code in Masbate, promoting the responsible use of natural resources. As the LWUA Administrator, he introduced the Patubig sa Buong Bayan at Mamamayan (PBBM) legacy projects intended to provide an efficient, sustainable, and continuous water service all throughout the country. It is evident that his unwavering commitment to pursuing environmental advocacy lies in his vision of providing a safer and water secure nation.

For many years, Atty. Revil dedicated his excellent service to public welfare and public interest. As LWUA Administrator, he seeks to modernize and transform LWUA, together with the Local Water Districts (LWD), to be at the forefront in the water sector development. He envisions LWUA to ascend to new frontiers through leveraging emerging technologies, streamlining processes, and adopting new approaches. Through his visionary leadership, he is set to foster a culture of service excellence and innovative solutions to create a positive transformation in meeting the evolving water needs of the people.

Indeed, Atty. Revil’s unyielding integrity and his track record of success speak volume about his capacity to turn aspirations into tangible, positive change. Truly, his vision of putting the LWUA to greater heights has inspired the agency to strive for excellence in catering to the demands of the water sector with the ultimate goal of meaningfully transforming the lives of the Filipino people.