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CPS-NGAS Modified Chart of Accounts for use of Water Districts

This has reference to COA Circular No. 2008-001 dated January 29, 2008 prescribing the new Chart of Accounts for use of all Government Agencies. LWUA finds selected accounts under the new NGAS Chart of Accounts complementary with the existing CPS Accounts. Accordingly, it put together and came up with the CPS-NGAS Modified Chart of Accounts for use of Water Districts to facilitate the implementation of a unified accounting system that conforms to LWUA's regulatory and reportorial requirements and the New Government Accounting System prescribed by COA.

Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water 2007

Philippine standards for bacteriological, biological and chemical water quality. (File is in Microsoft Word format)

National Water Crisis Act (Republic Act 8041)

Enacted in 1995 to address the national water crisis.

Primer on LWUA and the Water Districts

Will answer some of the most asked questions about LWUA and the water districts.

Primer on Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association (RWSA)

Contains basic information on Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Associations.

Disaster preparedness for water utilities
 by Engr. Antonio B. Magtibay, MNSA

Water supply systems are vulnerable to sudden unpredictable disasters from natural and man-made disasters. Several earthquakes have adversely affected, water sources and have caused damage to pipelines. Gen. Santos City WD experienced increased pipe breakages along their transmission lines whenever a spate of earthquakes will occur in the area. The Mt. Pinatubo eruptions in 1991 partially or completely disabled the water systems of some municipalities in Pampanga, Zambales and Tarlac. Mt. Mayon’s eruptions have constantly affected the sources and operations of the water districts in the immediate vicinity. Incidents of cholera and typhoid fever are becoming more frequent and one of the causes of the outbreaks has been attributed rightly or otherwise to the local water districts.

Corporate Governance in Asia-Pacific (Applicability among Philippine Water Districts)
By Atty. Antonio P. Acyatan

Water districts must generate maximum revenues which will be utilized to optimize public services from water (district) utility operations - even as efficient service to concessionaires is maintained. GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE for Water Districts comes about through an efficiently and effectively working, strategic Board, and appropriate, productive Management System of Local Utilities. Absence of such governance can be a "deterrent to economic growth, hazard to public health, and irritant to the spirit and well-being of the citizenry."

A Reexamination of the LWUA-Water District Concept
By Carlos C. Leano, Jr., LWUA's first general manager

LWUA's first general manager Carlos C. Leaño, Jr., regarded as the father of the water district concept in the Philippines, evaluates this approach that changed countryside water supply development, in a paper entitled "A Reexamination of the LWUA-WD Concept."


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